Live server keeps turning off

Hello I’m flying from LAX to JFK right now and my live server keeps going down. Is their a problem with the servers right now?

I was having the same issue but it came back on. It’s been on and off for the past hour. Happy birthday.

If there is another able to confirm that this is happening for everyone that would be great.

Happy Community Anniversary by the way!

Thank you but it’s not my BD I joined IFC exactly on the 26 a few years ago!

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😂 happy IFC birthday

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The same server issue just happened again!!

I’m not having any issues. Can you elaborate on what you’re seeing? What does the System Status look like?
What happens to any nearby aircraft? Which server?


A red exclamation mark icon keeps appearing on the top right hand side. It’s happening again right now!

No need to report every time it happens. Remain calm. It happens from time to time and is not going to crash your flight. The devs keep an eye on things and it is not just you.


The past few times ive played, the global server is always experiencing issues when i take off and will not load fully at the airport i am flying into

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