Live Server Keeps Disconnecting

As you can tell by the title that I keep disconnecting from the live server. I have really good internet, and I don’t have issues running any other app. But when I fly on IF I keep getting disconnected.

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To better assist you, please try and answer the following:

  • Is this a reoccurring issue flight after flight? - or just the flight that you’re currently on?
  • What device do you have?
  • Have you ever restarted your app prior to flight?
  1. Yes It is a reoccurring issue
  2. I have an iPhone 7 Plus
  3. I have tried restarting the app before flight, but it still keeps disconnecting.
    Also it disconnects me ever 10-30 seconds when I’m landing, takeoff, or taxing. But rarely when I’m in the air.

Being that you’re on an iPhone 7 and it would appear that it occurs during the phases of flight where you’re rendering in aircraft, airports, and scenery… What are your typical live/graphic settings?

I used to run them on very high, without an issue.

Should I try running them lower?

Wouldn’t hurt to drop some of the settings down to Medium.

  • If all else fails, a reinstall may be needed. Please backup any replays you wish you keep as the uninstall will delete replays. If it comes to this, uninstall–>reboot–>install–>try again.

Secondary to that, you say that you have really good internet.

^ Run this on your phone. An average WiFi ping is around the 40ms-60ms mark. If it’s not within that number, your connection might just not be as good as you say it is ;)

Does a VPN affect the test?

If you’re using a VPN, it’s an additional “stop” for the live server data to be sent which is more likely to cause connection issues. Can you try without the VPN?

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Yes. The speed test results were 36.3 mbps for download and 14.9mbps for upload.

What was the ping?

17ms and the jitter was 7.1ms

and that was on a 2g connection

This indicates a rather unstable connection.
Jitter is the difference that’s detected between packets. The higher the jitter, the less stability.

I assume you mean 2.4Ghz WiFi? Since 2G cellular barely supports data transfer.

yes 2.4Ghz, when I connected to the 5Ghz I got 141Mbps downlaod and 20.5Mbps upload, ping was 18ms, and the jitter was 4.5ms.

My internet connection is almost the same as yours. I had some connection issues when I was some rooms away from the router. Did you try to stay near the router while flying?

I didnt stay near the router. But I think that one of the reasons why I keep getting disconnected is because most of the time my brother is in class on a google meet, and my dad is running AutoCad (he is an architect) or he is running micosoft teams. But I think I had my graphics too hig, and I had a VPN, but it works now. :)

I don’t think a internet connection like yours will be impacted by some more devices being connected. Just try to stay near the router and I‘m pretty sure the problem will be gone.

If it’s working now,…great!

Oh, say no more in that case. If a lot of people are using the connection at once (depends on your router/WiFi access point), then it’s going to slow the ping down which is what matters in this case.

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And this has absolutely 0% impact on connectivity :)