Live Server issues

Hi, I’m doing a flight right now and my Live Server is showing red instead of green. I re did the wifi and even turned wifi off and on again and still having issue. I’m still able to use internet on my iPad and have no internet issues and get back onto Infinite Flight and it’s still not confecting to the Live Server on expert. My friend at my place logged on to Infinite Flight and spawned in showing a Live Server connection that is working, so not sure why my iPad isn’t working? I else can I do to try to connect to Live Server as my flight is still continuing?

Hey! There was an outage this morning but I believe it’s fixed by now. To force a reconnect, make sure your flight is saved using Flight Resume and then just quit, and resume. Whatever flight time you’ve put in after the disconnect will not count but you will spawn at the same place you are currently, even without the Live Server.

I had to do this this morning after the outage and it worked for me.

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Thanks it worked!


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