Live Server Issues?

My device cannot seem to connect with the live server. The icon appears to be on the yellow “connecting” notification. I’ve restarted my WiFi, and nothing seems to work.

Is this an issue on my end or IF?

Interesting, live servers may be down but if they were there would be many more topics like this here.

Maybe try hard restarting your device finger on the power button then the slide to power off icon.

Try turning off the Wifi on your device.

Uninstall and reinstall the app again. It could be your devices connection to the internet or the server itself causing this. All depends on the connection.

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Yeah, I decided to end the flight right before TOD.



The global server for me keeps going offline

It’s all good on my end. @preston how strong is your WiFi?

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My wifi is pretty good, I don’t know why the past few days weather/global server have been really spotty for me.

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