Live server issues

Please help I haven’t been able to connect to any live server in about 6 days now, thanks.

Have you tried using cellular data? or restarting your router?

Yes I’ve tried that already, still won’t connect.

Might be an account related issue. Or try using a different device if possible.

My account looks up to date , I’ll try it on another device when I can, this just sucks because I was very close to making grade 5 and now I’m losing flight time , etc…

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Just a question, is your device and app up to date on downloads? or

Have you tried on a different network?
Have you rebooted your device?
Are you on wifi or cellular?
What error are you seeing?
What device are you on?
Are you using a VPN?

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I’m on cellular, it’s usually what I’m on at home, I have rebooted my device which is an I phone 8 plus, when I start a flight on any live server the symbol in the upper right corner shows yellow and when I touch it it shows live server connection in yellow and then fails , also if I continue the flight it doesn’t get archived and there is no record of it on my replays…

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What country are you in?

USA - Louisiana

Did you reboot your device?

You are getting some weather so don’t want to discount that too. I’ll look more.

I did reboot, I haven’t uninstalled the app because I don’t want to lose my progress, I considered the weather but this problem started on the 16th or 17th of this month. Thank you I appreciate your help in this.

I remember clearing my scenery cache recently but I don’t know if that could have caused anything like that…

Your stats are stored on the server. What if you connect to a WiFi? Can you test that?

No that should not hav done anything.

How much storage space do you have free?

I’ll have to wait till tomorrow till I can connect to a wi-fi network at my work

Still have about 20 gigs left

I will connect via wi fi tomorrow and get back to you

Thanks that will tell us alot.

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Ok the good news is that I’m connecting fine over WiFi, but when I switch to cellular it won’t connect. I’ve always used cellular without a problem until now, but I’m guessing the issue is with my cellular provider?.. is my “speed” being limited possibly?.. thanks again