Live server issues while everything else is fine

I was doing a long flight from KSFO to EGLL. Everything was fine, I was able to contact ATC and all. Hours later however, it said I had no connection, or an issue with the live server. (Was a red exclamation point)

My internet was working, as I was able to use the internet on other devices. (They are all on the same network) Even my phone would get Messenger or Instagram notifications, and so I knew it was working. Anyways, what got me really pissed was that when I finished, it didn’t count my 9+ hour flight 😡

Here are screenshots…

That’s an internet issue on your part.

Yea if you quit out of the game for any reason and you get back on it doesnt let you reconnect to the live server. You get the flight time for the time you were connected to the liver server though.

I have the same experience probably 3 or 2 days ago. live server disconnected right at the short final so in avoiding ghosted for being “unknown” when I land, i decided to go around. but even after go around it still didn’t connect so I anxiously landed, parked, and even after that the server didn’t come back until I end my flight.

I then tried to start a flight again but cancel it because the server still not connected.

If anything paused your game this can happen. Battery low notifications, messages, calls, leaving the app etc

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