Live Server Issue

Device: iPhone 13
Operating system: iOS 17.1.2

I was trying to do TNCM-TJSJ in the Challenger 350 on Expert. The app took an unusually long time to load up the flight, and when I finally spawned, the Global Server and Live Server were down. I checked, and my Wi-Fi is very good (screenshot of speed test is attached), and I have 5G cellular service in my area if the Wi-Fi was weird.

I then did some troubleshooting, and determined this is an issue I am experiencing at multiple different airports, multiple aircraft, and on all 3 servers. Solo seems fine. I even tried on my iPad, restarted both devices, and tried again. Same results. Any ideas?


Expert Server was affected a while there and was dropping connections. It’s already being restored and all else should be back to normal.

Some issues were seen on the Tile server as well (Global server) was having a brief hiccup as well but flights are loading properly now.


I’ll restart it again, and try that.

Thank you! Worked.

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OP requested closure. Thanks Seb! :)