Live Server Issue?

Is it me or is the Live Server coming and going with connectivity? Also Why is it that I can’t see any Flight plans that other aircraft have filed whilst they fly? It can’t be that 10 A/C all say no Flight plan filed?

Would be great to know if other having this issue?

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Other people have been having similar issues as well. It’s simply because the servers are too busy after the update. Be patient, the staff are trying to solve it.

This is update 20.2 buddy.

I have problem with live server connection too

Everyone have Live Connection trouble, due HUGEoverload servers, because this is update come out.

I haven’t updated the app im still on 20.1

Is it the same with the flight pan issue where you can’t seem them?

I doubt that matters, the amount of users on the servers still remain the same whether on 20.1 or 20.2, and the servers overloaded right now. It’s being looked into.

Yes, no FPL’s no names, no type of aircrafts… Just UNKNOWN.

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Does not matter, servers are the same now I believe. but the Developer team is allready on it, it might be the usual “update trouble”

Ah okay, yeah I wasn’t sure if it was just me or if other had the issue too

Looks like. I was flying and now is trying to connect all the time

Should be getting better now, but have patience still please (and don’t just blindly keep trying to reconnect, that won’t help with server capacity)


I shouldn’t just keep trying to reconnect

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