Live server Issue

Im now on a long haul flight with the Airbus A359 from EGLL (Heathrow) to OTHH (Hamad). I’m now 4:32 in and arriving in 1 hour and 35 minutes. the only thing that bothers me is that there’s WIFI connection… but it just disconnected from the live server, and i’m afraid that the XP’s, landing and flight time will not get counted.

How can i get connected again? Any Ideas.

Your XP and time is refreshed on a regular basis. If your WIFI disconnected but is available, you can turn on airplane mode and turn it off to reconnect to WIFI. Otherwise without an internet connection you wont get too much further.

I’ll give it a try

I tried it twice but both attempts didn’t work out for me, the weather and global server disconnected and connected again, but live server remained the same. I’m now about 48 minutes away. Will i get a violation or ghosted for landing at Hamad international without ATC because i cant use it any more. Will i still get the XP, landing and flight time?

I thought all of your connections were off. You can go ahead and land. Live server may come back on its own.

I landed in OTHH smoothly with no violations or crashes👏, but half of the flight time was not counted and can’t be replayed, and the landing was not counted too. I’m still happy and enjoyed it. The screenshots are attached below.
I’m sorry if they are too much😊

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