Live Server Issue

Been having a live server issue for the past few hours here as I’m currently on a long haul. All indicators are green except for the live server. I have a super solid internet connection using iPad Pro . Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this as I know it sometimes goes off and on but this time it’s been off for quite some time? Expert server

Expert Server seems fine for me, try restarting your IPad after your long haul and your Internet, that may help.

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Yeah it’s gonna be awhile lol I was checking out LiveFlight and looked pretty good on expert but not on my end and like I said I have great super speed internet here

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No issues on my end.
Could you please try turning on airplane mode for 20-30 seconds and then turning it back off?


I’ll give it a shot thanks for the suggestion see what happens

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Thanks for the suggestions however I did try airplane mode and still no prevail

For me I would treat this as a mechanical emergency, land and restart iPad then go back into IF at the airport you landed at and then start flying again.

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Pretty much what I’m gonna have to do lol . It’s weird how the weather works and everything else just not the live server

I had this problem, this happen when I exited the IF and came back 2 minutes later, the live server and never came back to green.

Did you exit the app and came back a couple minutes later?

Not yet I’m gonna land and than restart at this point . I thought I would ride it out a bit but 6 hours is a bit too long to ride it out and see what happens so I’m just gonna set this bird down and than restart

No, that what I am not talking about. Did you exit the app and came back and did you see the live server in red. I am talking about in the past.

Oh sorry no I never exited the app after takeoff

Oh I see, hmmm, okay, descend, land, park, restart, taxi, takeoff, and you will be alright.

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Yes that is the plan

I’ve had this before buddy, all I did is maybe have on settings Auto Lock Screen on via Settings it actually really helps, and try remember to restart your iPad before your flight for the best results, also have low brightness.

Happy Flying!


Thanks yes I always restart everything before each flight . In this case for some reason seems the live server connection was just stuck. Of course when I’m in a middle of a 16 hour journey lol

the full wifi bars only indicate that the connection between you and your router are strong. it could be a issue between your router and the internet? i’m sure this is not the case but it is worth checking.

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Thanks Hugh . I’ve tried everything but in the end I still landed and restarted everything is back to normal again . Weird experience that it lasted for more than 5 hours though