Live server Global Server disconnect during decent

Im having a issue during decent almost every flight and need help to stop this issue and sometimes my phone gets a little to warm sometimes

Hi there! Usually the main suspect in the global sever disconnection is unstable Wi-Fi connection. As I’m sure you already know, Infinite Flight requires wifi connection to be run on. Can you confirm your Wi-Fi connection is stable during your sessions?

This is usually an issue when your device is being stressed. To limit this, I’d attempt to lower your graphic settings and limiting your frame rate so you don’t stress your device out.

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Again 🗿Why reply to a 18 day old topic… Especially since it was already solved on the first reply.

Lol…I’m just trying to help 🥲

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Sorry to break it bud, but what’s the help gonna do if it’s 19 days off the last attempt to help? Surely he’s got it all sorted out by now.

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