Live server glitch

I was just about to touch down at DXB after a long 14 hour flight from Sydney when the live expert server began to glitch and the altitudes were shouting out at my repeatedly from 400 and down, As I was flaring I began to just
plummet into the abis? I never heard any noise of wheels on the ground. Is there an issue on the server atm or could this by my device? I had to end my flight as I didn’t want to get any violations… gutted I couldn’t finish my long flight and park at the gate! Haha

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Check this before posting, it has your solution.
Anyways clear your scenery cache (in general settings at the bottom) and you should be good.
If not, you may have to relaunch IF, or worst case scenario, a device restart or reinstalation of IF.


Thank you, I’ll try all of those now

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What do you mean by this?

This may happen because you were stalling. . 🤔


No, I wasn’t staling, I was at a steady speed coming in fine, the aircraft actually began to go below the tarmac, and the other a/c that were waiting at the threshold and taxiing appeared to be levertating


Clear your scenery cache then. Just scroll down to the bottom of your settings to find that option.

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Was it a network issue?

That happens sometimes when your live server disconnects.


I think that could have been to do with it, the live server was red as I checked just before ending the flight

This usually happens when you ran out of device storage. Check how much you have. There is a chance that there is not enough storage to load the scenery.

You are required to have at least 1Gb of storage free before starting any flight.

That might be the issue, have you had it before?

You can share the replay of your flight to check what happened🙂

This is not rocket science people, we’re well aware of this issue.

Corrupt terrain, potthole… you name it. It’s all in the FAQ what’s needed :)


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