Live server [Expert] repetitive disconnect

I tried clearing cache, clear memory off my phone, restarting and the server continues to disconnect and reconnect. I’m not sure what to do at this point but all other servers like weather global and API all stay connected.


Some minor issues of this is not unknown, and we’re working quite hard on some major server updates which should be ready early next year.

However, your issues seems to be quite more severe than others are reporting. Have you tried a simple router restart? Or trying a different connection source?

I have tried using wifi and mobile data over the past 3 days with similar results. Only yesterday did non of the connection issues occur

Thanks for this update though and hope a solution can be found that works well for everyone.

Update one the situation after landing.
3hrs in the server stabilized for me and didn’t disconnect until about 10 minutes from arrival to HNL/Honolulu. The approach controller and Tower Ground controller also both disconnected giving me a frequency is closed message. I didn’t disconnect again until after I had landed at which time the consistent in and out resumed. Hope this information helps.

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