Live Server Error?

Hey everyone. Earlier, I was trying to do a flight in a Cessna 208 around the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and when I was spawning in, the live server tried to connect and then gave me an error. Everything else worked fine such as the global server, user account, and so on. The only problem is, I can’t reset the router, as I’m renting a beach house, and am not allowed to do so. I’ve tried restarting the app, resetting network settings, and restarting my device. None of them worked. Is anyone else having the same issue?

If it is a network error then your connection is not so good or something is up with your network. Have you tried on 4g if you have that option? Also, has it happened before?

Trying restarting your device and try again.

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Nvm. It just randomly started working again. For whatever reason, it glitched out.

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Ahhh theeyy internet :). Good luck!