Live server down?

Device: Lenovo (unsure on exact name)
Operating system: Android

Just bought a sub again and loaded into the casual server but says user disconnected from live server. Any help is appreciated

Check your wifi connection.

Full WIFI connection, 4 bars, all other services working within the app

Lemme try spawning in.

It works completely fine for me, could be something on your end that’s making you disconnect, or the server is just going nuts.

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Possibly yeah. Maybe its also because i just bought the sub and spawned in straight away. Will have to see what it’s like if I do another flight later.

Forgot to ask, did any message pop up on screen or did it disconnect you from the server?

No nothing popped up, just noticed in the top right. Made me wonder whether i wasnt connected in the first place

I’ve never seen that before. Try resetting IF see if it works.

It may happen if you leave Infinite Flight in background for some time.

Yeah i restarted the app and its fine now. Thanks for your help

Your welcome!

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