Live Server down

Hi the Live server appears to be down. The weather, global server and API service are still online, only the live server is not working

I Phone 11 pro
IOS 16.5

Check your internet connection. I am flying right now and myself and everyone around me on the map are still connected.

my internet connection is working fine

I am also experiencing the same issues. Both the Live and Global servers has been disconnected and i have a strong internet connection.

i ended up shutting down the app, i was doing a long flight to cairo and restarting it, its working now.

I am also doing a long haul to Cario. Looks like i would have to reset my game as well then.

now im doing a shorter flight to cairo from Abu dhabi instead. before i was flying from beijing and was under 2 hours from the destination before.

Everything green on my end. Maybe there was a temporary shutdown but it did not disconnect me definitely.

I am back online looks like the server fixed itself while i was away from my device. I am so glad that i have to reset the game and start over my flight.