Live Server Down?

Lately it has started happening a lot

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I dont have beta and not able to login

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I have beta.

Most probably because of a new update. Behind the scenes, servers are being worked on and changes being made etc.


@Lufthi456 what server are you on? Maybe it’s only Expert

Casual server. Yeah, the issue might be on expert server or something…

If they are working on the server then can give a downtime notice.

Is everyone else except @Lufthi456 on Expert?

If so it seems like an issue with ES

If you‘re G3 could you maybe pls try to get onto the ES. If you‘re not doing a flight atm

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I was ES roo

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Not loading . Just throwing up errors

We’re investigating, thanks everyone


Yep. Might be only on expert. I tried and it won’t connect.

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They are live servers. Running 24/7 how can they give a maintenance downtime notice?

When the servers do rarely go down, it is usually for a very short time. Please just have some patience and allow the team to resolve any issue.


Ok, hope they fix it soon

Hang tight everyone, working as quickly as possible to solve this. So sorry for the inconvenience


Really appreciate your work! Take your time :)

I’m experiencing this too been trying to connect to the live server for a while

Thanks a lot Cam! Really appreciate your hard work!

No worries Cam. As players on a live server, we can expect blips here and there. You’re a great dev and are always devoted to the team. Like always I’m sure you’ll get the servers back up and safely running in no time.

Thanks for your great work which keeps the game running! ♥️

Was a bit of a ‘what’s gone wrong’ as I just woke up seeing I’m not connected 😝. That was a wake up call for sure… lol