Live server down?

Hi all. I don’t particularly like writing these topics because it usually isn’t down but I’ve lost connection with the live server everything else is green and I’ve not come out of the app or anything like that but it probably is my connection but I just wanted to check before I quit my flight.


Live server works perfectly fine for me.

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Yeah thought as much. Ok thank you. Strange how all the active airports are still green as well as everything else. I might give it a few more mins see if by some miracle it reconnects.

Thanks again

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The severs are not down for me, it works. It might be your connection. Have you turned wi-if of or something ?

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No nothing like that and if I do lose wifi it just goes onto my mobile 4G network. Not to worry going to flag this to be closed as it seems like it’s my device.

Hmm, okay cause sometimes if you’re mobile data it sometimes it says that you’re disconnected to the live serves

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Nothings wrong with mine

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Yeah. I was on my home Wifi I’ve just changed it to the 4G and then put airplane mode on and off still no joy so I’m just going to quit. Never mind one of those things.

Thanks for all your help tho guys 👍


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