Live Server Down

Just lost connection to the live server operating tower at KSEA. Controllers at KLAS & KTCM experience this as well, as well as pilots in flight.


I’m reporting the same issue on my end…

I’m connected

Mine just came back

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Not sure if this has been going on for a while but I had trouble two hours ago while controlling KSEA

Lost my connection twice while controlling KTCM.

Back up for me.

Must’ve been a server restart or something.

Seb thank you for fixing your game

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Needs a drink of water maybe?

That’s good to hear.

Myself and many other controllers have been having issues for the last hour or so, and this is the second disconnection/app crash I’ve encountered in the last hour so we’ll see if the issue persists.

yep same the same issue at omdb climb

Notified staff to take a gander. I’m able to spawn in just fine right now. But that’s not to say whatever’s going on could happen again. Thanks for the notice folks.


I’m just excited for tomorrow 😉😂😂😂

Weird… I’m connected right now?

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Just reconnected. Worried my KSEA-VTBS flight was going to be canceled

Things need to reboot sometimes. No need to panic (: