Live server down

hour into flight, connected via 4G, live server disconnected, is the server down?

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Do you have any data left?

Its all good here for me. Try switching to airplane mode for 20 seconds and then switch it back. See if you reconnect.

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about 10 gigs worth, will try the airplane mode reset, hope this works :/

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no such luck, how random, and seemingly out of the blue for a live server dropout, re-checked my data got about 18,000 megs of data left

If you lost internet connection on your device for a considerable amount of time, your session won’t reconnect. Otherwise, people with poor connections would keep disappearing and reappearing all over the map. Best thing is to ensure that when you rest your device somewhere, make sure it has a good signal in the spot that you sit it down.

set it down in a full bars spot, as i mentioned prior, was totally out of the blue, lost connection for less than minutes, at most 2. Seems -as you stated- the session just wont reconnect… so am i quitting/ending this flight?

To be safe, I would just end the flight and close Infinite Flight. Reboot your device and then open IF again and get back in the skies. It is unclear what the exact issue was here but it was most likely a forced notification from your device that sent you to the paused screen or for some odd reason you lost cell signal along the way. Sorry about that, hope to see you airborne again though.

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@Tsumia appreciate the prompt response and @Levet thanks for the help and prompt responses as well, total bummer, I’ll proceed to do precisely as you instructed. See you in the skies!