Live server down?

It says I’m connected but there i cannot see any aircraft. Live flight isn’t working as well to connect my Joystick

The majority of people who fly, fly on the ES so you would expect this to happen every blue moon

Calm down everyone.
Just be patient, stop tagging Seb, and wait for this to get sorted


I thought I was the only one and was about to post a topic

And yes;) if you in ES flying now, please be patient a little, we all doing our best try to back on line, if you Just in the game, Please leave. And if you ARR somewhere be caution for the traffic

try toggling Flight mode on your devices

@schyllberg help us please.

I’ve tried, and it didn’t work…

Hmm…I’m now flying to OMAA. Usually there’s weather there but at this time there’s none. @Transport_Hub sees me from Doha but I don’t see him

On LiveFlight there are last positions of planes when the server went down.

If anyone would like to fly while the server is down, spawn in at KEDW in an F22 for a flight of XX formation flight. Casual. ;)


At the moment, I can hear other aircraft call for ATC, but I’ve heard no response, and I cannot see the other aircraft on expert, so I’ll just sit here for a bit until the issue is resolved…

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☝️ We can’t do anything, ghost controlling ES now 👻

You probably crashed it with a lot of people in one area

ATC cant respond, since they dont see the planes.

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What usually causes these problems

He has been tagged just about 5 times already. Give him some time, after all it’s night in Sweden.

It is 21:19 in Sweden now, I hope he will resolve this soon.

Looking into it.


We’re rebooting the server now. It should be fine shortly!