Live server down?

is the live server down? I dont see any planes on expert server. Other people have the same issue.

SUMMARY: Looks like everyone is experiencing this issue. It started at 19:01Z. We cant see any other planes, but live server is green, we can hear ATC. This is happening only on expert server, casual and training are fine. On LiveFlight there are last positions of planes when the server went down.

@schyllberg sorry for tagging, but there seems to be a problem


I’m having the same issue.

My Live Server was green as well as my other 8 pilots flying with me and then everyone disappered off my screen and off of theres so im guessing something is happening

I’ll check for ya lot.

Live server is green, but I dont see any planes. I do hear ATC instructions.


mine is poop along with 8 other AFKLM folk

It just happened to me too. Mines Red. Sebastian, we are in need of your help

As well here I just started a group flight and all my members just disappeared

So am I, I ended up going around and ending my flight at SBGL to avoid being ghosted, I could hear everyone giving atc messages but couldn’t hear @Ray_Wang responding

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same here @Laurent_Wellman

All green and nobody in sight. this is odd

The exact same here.

Think IF servers just did a big ol commit die

@schyllberg sounds like major server issue? Are you going to have to kick it a few times or is a fix required?

No i am having the same issue just hoping to make some laugh


Seb will hopefully be notified and will deal with it as soon as possible

We all just lost control in ES,


Training and casual server seem to be fine.

It’s always expert🤦🏻‍♂️


Guys, please be patient, we’re trying our best to back on line

I am getting the green checkmark, but all aircraft disappeared, along with ATC services (but I do somehow hear other aircraft call ATC). However everything else appears to be working fine.

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