Live server down [ISSUE fixed]

Hey guys!

Just to note, the Expert Server is down currently down (for me anyway), so there’s no need to panic. this is a known issue by staff…

It’s a problem with the server providers…

This just happened as I was 15nm from WADD Denpasar 😂

It will randomly cut in and out, with IF currently having no control of this.

All good for me!

No current problems for me.

Hmmm… Weird my wifi connection Is perfect.

It looks pretty not down to me…


Hmm… the airport woupdntnload for me, as the terrain level wasn’t sure where I was due to the shadow, and the taxi lines weren’t loaded in…

Maybe only me then?! 😅

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might just have to restart and reset cache

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Wow all kinds of things going wrong there😂
Network connection most likely I bet

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i sometimes dc from live when approaching airports sometimes, but it doesn’t happen as often now

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Ok… Yes I’m back, I didnt actually do anything, just waited a few minutes and it came back on. I’m fine now, I think my app was having a funny 5 minutes.

@Captain_Brenden thanks for the support anyway.

Btw I don’t see your strobes and landing lights on🤔😂
Don’t worry I forget all the time.

You mentioned this is a “known issue by staff”, but according to everyone else, there is no issue…

You also mentioned this was a “server issue”, which is a false claim, because it was an issue on your end…


At first I believed this was a Network problem to IF, as their service provider is having some malfunctions currently, hence the ‘global server’ is always red.

This was actually an issue on my end which I realised a moment ago.

I will flag this for moderation soon once the replies have rolled in to deter confusion.

Seems like it’s more of your problem and not IF’s.


@Altaria55 ^

That was fixed days ago, my guy


For future reference, avoid saying things like this unless you know for sure. This is very misleading for a lot of us, and made it seem like it was a server wide issue.

Think before you post :)



As @Altaria55 said, that’s been fixed.

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@Ecoops123 - we have no issues with any of our service providers for the time being. Or any of the servers…