live server down and froze

Did anyone else just have the live server go down? I was on a 12 hour flight and 3 miles from touchdown at JFK when it went down and everything froze.


Nope fine here… Did you exit your app and then came back?

No I didn’t so idk what happened.

Do you have strong and stable internet connection?

yep I do. it just showed red and then froze then exited out and did the loading scenery thing.

Ahh so your IF crashed?

Yes that is what happened Which stinks as I was 3 miles from touchdown on a 12 hour flight.

I have an iPhone 7 but that has enough of everything to handle IF.

Still flying on my end. It’s probably not a widespread issue.

Can we get a Ginger Santa in here?


Yeah try to lower your graphic settings then or something live server doesnt have anything to do with your IF crashing…

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I feel as if this should be in the #support category

Yes I agree with @J2S this should be moved to the support category…

If it is a server outage, the staff members will definitely know, so it is rather unlikely that this is the case.

That happened to me as well last Friday!
Flying from Tel Aviv to Luxembourg. 3hr 30 mins in and only 120 nm left from Lux, my sim freeze and chrash.

Have you made a thread in support stating what happened?

No i haven’t. I made a comment on the «FNF Tel Aviv…» last Friday immediately after it happened, but no one replied. My phone was quite warm so i just assumed that my phone was the reason for it, but hearing the original poster having had the same issue, maybe there is something that the devs can look in to.

You might want to start a thread if you want to figure out the cause and prevent this from happening again…

I think it’s either

  1. Way too many people are on the servers

2.WiFi issues


3.Live servers aren’t working at their optimal rate

The OP suffered the same issue that i had last week, so i don’t see a reason to post a new thread when this one is up.

I see. If you like to seek further assistance, make sure to request on IFC anytime!

I have some idea what may have caused this. I did 12 hour more flights 4 nights in a row. Perhaps my phone acted up. My phone was warm at the time but not hot.