Live Server Disconnects When Receiving Notification


So last night, I was doing a routing long haul flight from FAOR-KATL as DL201. This was supposed to be an overnight flight, so I left my device on for the night. However, for some reason, my device had not been charging, and so when I got the low battery notification (10%) I immediately went and put it in charging. However, after receiving that notification, the HUD and the information bar at the bottom of the screen disappeared and only the cockpit was visible. I had to exit the app and renter for it to come back. However, when I did that, the live server got disconnected and I never got it back. I proceeded to turn my WiFi on and off like 5 times over a 1/2 hour period, and even tried engaging airplane mode 3 times as well. After several attempts and nearly 45 minutes wasted without the live sever coming back on, I had to exit the flight all together. Is there any way that I could fix this in the future if this were to happen again. I lost over 14 hours worth of flight time and I didn’t even get to land.

Any help is appreciated with this!

Thanks and safe flying! 😄

Had this issue. Unsure about the HUD removal.

The live server disconnection comes from a long enough timeout when you’re outside of Infinite Flight and have it running in the background.


This happens especially when you get a phone call and other notifications. Happened to me numerous times. Sometimes I even lose my sound! One thing you can try next time once you lose connection is to activate on and off airplane mode for 30 seconds and see if it works.

I did try that, and I also tried to turn my WiFi on and off like 5 times. Nothing seemed to get it back

Turning on and off your router was probably the cause of the Long disconnect which you couldn’t solve later. Remember to always try exiting the app for a few seconds and turning airplane mode for a few seconds as well. If that doesn’t work, than to my knowledge I don’t think anything can be done about it.

Again, live server disconnects after leaving Infinre Flight for a bit of time. Best thing is to, deny the phone call and call them on a separate device (if you have one) or ask someon else to call them and ask why youre not there. If its any other notif, just swipe it away. If you disconnect, there’s nothing to really fix it but restart.

Make sure it’s charged :)

Aside from that obvious thing, there’s really no way for us to prevent it. A popup notification puts everything on hold and our server has to disconnect the user permanently after X amount of time or we would have loads of ghosts flying around, disappearing and reappearing randomly.

It sucks, i know… happened to me on 9hr flight last week. 1hr to go and the router stalled. Noticed it too later to recover.