Live Server Disconnects After Prompt / iPad Pro

First, I’m flying an iPad Pro running iOS version 12.0.1. I restart the iPad before the start of each flight, never close the app during a flight, don’t run any other apps during the flight and keep it plugged in.

Now to the meat of things: I was 8 hours into a 15 hour flight today and lost connection to the Live Server after receiving an AirDrop prompt from my neighbor. I closed the prompt and Infinite Flight went to the pause screen. After tapping, “Resume”, it took me back into my flight and the Live Server was in, “Disconnected” status.

After giving it an hour to see if it corrected itself, I put the iPad into Airplane mode, verified all settings in IF and disconnected and reconnected to the WiFi. My WiFi is solid. It’s a 350 mbps connection, run through a Cisco switch with all the latest and greatest security. I wouldn’t be so “technical”, but I’ve seen other posts regarding this issue that were cancelled out and closed with the reply, “Internet problems”. I don’t have internet problems, and suspect this is a bug.

Further, this has happened before when I am prompted on my iPad from other things outside the app, i.e. battery low prompt (which is why I keep it plugged in now), mail alerts and now AirDrop alerts.

Please let me know if there are known workarounds for this issue. It’s pretty upsetting to be in hour 8 of a 15 hour flight just to be disconnected and not get credit for the time.

Thank you.


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The best way to avoid this, is to turn on “Do not disturb” on your iPad.
Then you’ll only get popups about low battery.

I have it set up like that myself, and it works great.


Thanks for the heads up. I was super frustrated the other night. Came to work yesterday and talked to another guy about this who also plays IF and he said, “Well yeah? You have to put it into, ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode or that will happen.” Ha ha. Oh well. I will do that from now on and see how it goes, but it makes sense to me that they fix the code so that this isn’t an issue any longer. Thanks again for the input!

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