Live server disconnections

Device: iPad 6th gen
iPadOS: 14.2

Dear community,

I’m experiencing network issues on my end despite having a good network speed. I have so far been disconnected from the server for roughly 6 times. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I could it a bit strange seeing that my speeds are very good. I was wondering if I am alone in this or if it’s a widespread issue.

I’ve tried to sign up a fresh to my wifi network and restart my router without any success.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?



Maybe there could be a lot of storage on your IF application right now, something like this has happened to me. Maybe try restarting your scenery cache or restarting your app(which you probably did already.). If this doesn’t work, I’ll try come up with something else, but I suggest trying this first. Maybe delete some replays?

The scenery in itself is unaffected. The only issue was the network connectivity I.e I wasn’t able to see other aircraft nor communicate with ATC. As for storage, I try not to download media on my iPad. Everything is stored on iCloud to the point that I stream my music from iCloud.

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Is this during a flight, where the circle in the top right is red?

More or less yes. Everything seems okay until I log in, the problem starts once I start my flight, to the point that taxiing at a busy airport becomes cumbersome for surrounding aircraft and ATC.

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Ok, I have the same iPad as you, and mine is half a year old. My iPad never really lags, no matter how busy it is. A doubt yours has either. Anyways, have you ended your flight since making this topic, or are you flying right now, and don’t want to end it. Maybe, restarting a flight can solve the issue as this is usually a one time thing.

I’ve ended the flight twice and restarted my iPad twice, but still, despite the app starting smoothly, the live server connection always shows the red dot.

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Let me try start a flight and see if I’m experiencing the same issue real quick
Edit: I am not experiencing this issue right now.
Maybe try start a flight on the training server, since the expert server is quite busy right now? This is just to test if it is all the servers or just the expert server.

I just went off of Global Server and Weather aloft.
There is NOTHING wrong on my end.
Im at FL350 cruising to KMEM. Hope it comes back

Thank you all for your help. I’ll investigate further on my end.

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