Live Server Disconnecting


I came here today for the same issue, i was about to post a new topic but decided to check if anybody else had reported it already and this is the first topic i found about it.

So my current device for flying is an iPhone 14 Pro and is up to date.

When flying there’s 4 connections that need to have the green ✅️ mark, those are: Weather, Global Server, API Service and Live Server. And I’ve been having issue with the Live server connection, keep toggling.

My hidden bar option in the configuration is on so whenever it disappear the Live server connection disconnected (I’m going to show you what i do when doing a long haul to ensure i won’t get disconnected mid-flight, check the picture down below) basically i have to keep it on display all the time! ⬇️⬇️

Is there something we should do to fix it?

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Are you suggesting that the UI timeout is related to the Live Server disconnecting?

In your case, when the UI is gone, the Live Server is red?

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Yes sir, whenever the UI disappear or is gone, the Live Server gets red? Like every single time…

To reconnect i have to click on the top right check mark and click on the Live server and it reconnects, also it doesn’t happen straight away, i have to be flying for a couple of minutes (30 min or so) sometimes a bit longer than that.

Also i forgot to mention the only times this happened at least when i noticed it i was flying “Legacy Aircraft” A346

It doesn’t happen in busy airspace or when in contact with ATC just during cruise 🤷‍♂️

Im currently flying and is happening while talking to you guys so i have pictures in real time, sorry that was lots of messages, last one!

Two things you’re stating seem to contradict each other.

First you state that the UI timeout is related to the network disconnecting, but the second statement rules it out.

In order for us to help you, please answer the following questions:

  • Which device are you using (brand & model)?
  • Which OS version is it running?
  • Have you tried another (Wi-Fi) network?
  • Have you checked the network connection by running a speedtest tool like
  • is the (Wi-Fi) network using a VPN?
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Im using an Iphone 14 Pro

OS 17.4.1

I did not try another WiFi network (but i tried with the Internet data mobile and it happened at least once)

I did run a speed test and no issues with that


And about the UI bar I meant status bar (not sure if it is the same thing) if so, disregard that because now it happens with or without it

I also uninstall the app and installed it again to see if it would help, he did a bit, because is not longer disconnecting as it was before but still happening though

WiFi speedtest

About this matter it was definitely my Internet i tried a different WiFi as suggested and it worked fine 🙂, idk why with my own WiFi is not working although i have a better connection and speed, anyways thanks!