Live server disconnecting during flight

I just landed after a 5 hr flight from MXP-DOH, however sometime during decent my connection to the live server was lost. I was stuck with a horrible 80kt crosswind on final into Doha (and the temperature also stayed at -53C!). The airport didn’t load and I basically had an awful end to what started as a nice flight. I was flying on the expert server.

I had a look here on the forum and saw people with similar issues. I tried turning off my Wi-Fi and back on, but it didn’t work. I did a speed test and my Wi-Fi was perfectly working on my device. I never left the app during the flight and I was definitely connected during the flight as I tracked myself on before decent.

If anyone can help out I’d really appreciate it! Its not nice paying for a service that doesn’t work.



Have you tried turning airplane mode on for 30 seconds when this happens?

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Sorry to hear that man!
This may well be a one-off mistery thingy…

Did you get any violations?
What exactly do you want help with now?

Yes, I saw that was recommended to someone else. I did that several times but still nothing.

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So first, do you experience any crashes or does the game just disconnect from the server?

No violations thankfully but I don’t want it to happen again.

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No crashes, I just get the red status on the top right and then weather, live planes, atc etc. disappear.

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Sounds like bad internet. It’s happened to me before, you lose connection or it’s dodgy, airport doesn’t load, other airplanes load then de spawn and all that fun stuff, sometimes restarting the app/device can help, or restarting your router. but restart your router at your own expense if you choose to do that.

@TheFlightQuest when exactly did this happen?

Because there seemed to have been a problem a little earlier today:

Server down? (Issue fixed)

Steps to try when this happens:

  • Restart device
  • Restart wifi router
  • Turn airplane mode on and off
  • Try different networks

My Wi-Fi was working fine with the device so that wasn’t the problem, I have also done much longer flights and stayed connected. I think it’s a problem with the server where it just won’t let me connect. I don’t know why.

Does it work now? Or did it only not work earlier/before?

You’d be surprised. You can have the best internet and best device, and still run into connection issues, your provider simply could’ve been having a few issues

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