Live server disconnecting and not reconnecting?

Quick question everyone. I will occasionally lose the live server signal whilst flying. This isn’t due to my connection because my connection is solid. It doesn’t tend to come back either even if I wait. Did anyone get any ideas?

I recommend you restart your device often after your flights. I have been doing that and it has improved for me :)

I will give that a try. I don’t do many flights a day tbh man, It is usually one or two a night and it has happened on more than one occasion.

Have you also tried restarting your router/modem for a minute? Maybe that will help, clearing some RAM can help so try as Mr @Brandon_K and restart your device. Hope this helps my freind 🙂

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Thanks, I will give it a try!

This has just happened to me. Have you guys found an official solution for this? I’ve been flying for 11 hours, LAX to Melbourne, with four hours left to go.

My user interface disappeared a little after 10 hours in, and I was confused. However, when I closed IF Assistant (@epaga), the interface came back. There was no other way to solve this issue.

I’ve got my interface back, but it seems that IF Assistant has also disconnected me from the Live Server completely. I just want to continue with my flight… is there any proven way to reconnect?

iPhone 7+, 32 gig

This is not IF Assistant’s fault - what I’ve found helps with this bug is to hit the home button and re-enter IF.

I can say this definitely is not possible - IF Assistant can’t disconnect IF’s connection to the Live Server.


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