Live Server Disconnected

Operating system: IOS

Im currently in a long haul. For some reason it shows that I have disconnected from live server. I tried turning my wifi on n off. And Yes my wifi is working fine.

Did you by any chance switch to another app or the home screen for more than a minute?
That will cause the live server to disconnect.

Nope haven’t touched it at all. is there anyway to solve it during flight?

Something must have caused a temporary loss of connection.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to reconnect to the server during this flight.

Why did this happen ? Wifi was working more than good I didn’t touch my device.

Your Wi-Fi is just the first piece of equipment on a very long list of network nodes between you and IF’s servers.

There could have been a temporary outage anywhere along the route.

The device could also have been interrupted by something, like a call or message or whatever.

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Well that’s a shame. Anyways thanks.

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