Live server disconnected

Live server is disconnected. System tries to connect but fails. I am in Jacksonville, Fl (USA) and it is 10:54 pm (ET).

This problem could be because of your internet unless if you have been on the pause screen for some time

No. My Wifi is connected. Global Server goes red and then green and red again.

Oh that’s nothing to do with the live server it’s just the imagery do you have low storage

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Live Server signal goes from red to orange but does not turn green. All other signals are green except Global, which turns red from time to time.

Hope I won’t lose my flight stats, XP and landings.

Not sure what that would have to do with server issues…

I will check. If it is the issue it is the first time it shows up. Anyway thanks, will look up to be sure.

He also said the global server icon is going red and global server thing is to do with the imagery and the global scenery when it goes red usually means that there isn’t enough storage and you would need to clear cache

Righto then. Still nothing to do with storage, two completely different things

It does if your storage is full then it would go red it happens to me when ever my storage is full when the global thing goes red for me

Thanks. I appreciate very much your advice.

Never happened to my iPad, you must have a special one…

Global server going haywire and storage absolutely have no relation to each other. Where are you getting your facts from?

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He could be getting it from me given the fact that it’s true. Not that it’s going haywire, but if it turns red and scenery stops loading = storage being full causing the app not being able to download additional imagery or general connection issue.

Since you’re having issues with both Live + Global which are entirely separate from one another (different server clusters, even datacenter) it’s most likely a issue in the connection between your device + nearest connectivity point.

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