Live server disconnected

I had a message pop up saying “no subscription found, unable to support” then I clicked on the red circle and it says I’ve been disconnected, I pay monthly for IF is this a known issue? Can anyone help?

Hey! I apologize for the inconvenience this is causing.

To best help, could you please answer the following?

  1. Do you happen to be on the open beta?
  2. Are you using iOS or Android?
  3. Is this the first time you’re experiencing this?

I am not a BETA user! So I’m confused as to why it happened!

Did your subscription expire or renew just now perhaps?
It’s rare, but what you experienced can happen if that’s the case.

I’m using iOS and this has never happened before

That could be the case, the 24th is my renewal date, will it come back on?

The 24th is today, so as Seb said, it’s likely that is the case. Could you restart IF and see if your subscription comes back?

I’m on my way to SFO with 3 hours to go, that’s not happening until I land at the earliest, hope it’s like the weather and refreshes at the top of the hour 🤞

Unfortunately, it won’t… sorry :(

The only way to recover here is to restart.
This will additionally be better in 20.2.

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Thankfully everything else is normal! I’ll just have to plod along without any traffic I suppose… thanks for the help though! 👌🏻

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