Live server disconnected while flying...


I’ve got 2 hours more of flight before I land in Moscow and while I was flying, the servers disconnected because I restarted my modem and now I checked my game and shows me that all the servers and everything has reconnected except for the Live Server. What can I do to reconnect and don’t loose my flight?

Hello there,

Could you try switching your device to airplane mode for 30 seconds and then switch it back. Let’s see if you are able to reconnect to live after that.

Just tried that, it didn’t connect

I’m afraid you might not reconnect then no matter what we try while you are in flight. Whatever flight time you had before your restarted your router will be saved to your file so that won’t be lost. Could you try again for a longer duration (airplane mode for a minute of two).

Unfortunately if this doesn’t work this time I don’t think that you will receive credit for the remainder of the trip since there’s no connection to the live server. Restarting your router would be a better option to do before you begin a flight rather than during the flight.


I tried this also and it isn’t connecting :( but thank you for the suggestions

Do other apps on your device work well with internet at the moment? Could it be an internet connection issue?

Everything is working correctly

Were you able to reconnect to live server after starting a new flight @Freesky ?

Oh yes, that worked but I’m frustrated that I had to end my long haul flight to get the connection work again. Thank you for the help guys, no more replies needed, have a nice day.