Live Server Disconnected On Long Haul Flight

does it ever fix and can you fix it

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This seems happened to everyone before and I did wonder the same but found the explanation makes sense to me from IFC.

Was told that we could get reconnected if we’ve left the app/offline for a short while, but we can’t return to live server if this happens after that short while (not sure the exact timing) even though you return to a stable network.

This is to avoid ghost flight reappearing suddenly in an active skies from middle of nowhere, especially for the airspace with busy traffic.

Let’s hope there is a moderated alternative soon as I could really understand the disappointment for unable to return to live server after a long flight…


Happened the same to me

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Happened the same to me, it disconnected, I use a IPad Pro

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Perfect, thanks for the info! I’ll take that onboard!

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Hopefully this issue will be fixed soon!

I agree. Hopefully something can be done to fix this!

Hopefully something will be done to fix this issue, fingers crossed! Thanks for the info!

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