Live server disconnected on long haul flight

Hi all,

New IF pilot here. Did my first long haul yesterday from WSSS to LFPG on AF257 (flying this irl soon so figured why not). However, noticed that the live server disconnected halfway through. After reading the other threads, I tried the following:

  1. Disconnected my wifi
  2. Airplane mode

Neither worked.

I also ensured that:

  1. My game was not paused at all.
  2. Connected to a charger.

I would really like the XP for this flight. Is there anything I can do?

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May i know what do you mean by this?

Thanks for responding! I mean I turned the wifi settings on my iPad off as suggested in another thread. No luck.

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i dont think it should stay off, if thats what you did.
Just check if your internet connection is good and stable

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