Live Server: Disconnected on 19.4

Prior to the 19.4 update, whenever I was in-flight, and I left the Infinte Flight app for about 30 seconds to a minute to check on another app and then came back to IF, I would usually get reconnected to the server. But this does not happen anymore with 19.4.(at least for me). Now, whenever I leave the app for 30 sec and come back… the server gets completely disconnected and won’t reconnect. And yes, I have tried the airplane mode method of turning it off, and, then back on.

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maybe don’t leave the app in the background then…

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Yea 19.4 has been extra sensitive lately, maybe next don’t leave the app :)

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Ok… I did like the flexibility of sometimes checking another app just for a matter of seconds and coming back. Kinda weird how 19.4 is not flexible anymore

tbh if switching to backgournd killed a flight in 30 seconds I would be concerned because FB messenger calls do actually take over the screen.

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