Live Server - Disconnected: NetworkError

Hello, I ran Infinite Flight live in the background for around 2 minutes if not less to free up some space, then I was disconnected from the live server but still in flight with the “Disconnected: NetworkError” red exclamation mark. If this happens will I reconnect?

KLM 206

Yes, eventually your aircraft will reconnect to the servers, provided you have internet access. Just make sure not to do this so often, because doing it excessively might result in you showing up as “Unknown” for an ATC.

Alright, its just its been around 5 minutes or longer, and I have BT Hub 4 unlimited, so it should reconnect fairly quickly


In some cases, yes it will. But there are also cases when it won’t.
We always recommend not to multi task out of Infinite Flight as it might cause issues like this.
Based on the error it’s giving, it’s not likely it will reconnect.

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Alright thanks. I was doing a flight from EGKK - KJFK So rip me

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KLM 206