Live Server - Disconnected Network Error

Any advice on connecting to the Live Server?

Have you tried checking your connection? Restarting router or modem? You can also try restarting your device, last thing you can do is wait it out,
I can tell you for a fact that Live is not down ;)

Thank you for contacting support, and welcome to the forum!

As a new user, please search before making a topic. Many topics have been answered multiple times.

What you are seeing could be a temporary server issue. Please ensure that your internet connection is strong (turn off/on wifi, reboot modem/router, reboot device). If it still occurs your best bet is to wait it out and this usually resolves itself on its own.

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Hey Chief305,
It may very well be an issue in this end, Iā€™m currently on my employers wifi, has worked in the past.

I was trying to suss out if there is server issues anywhere else.

I have reset the router on my end with no luck.


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Thanks Cheis_S!!

Thank you for the welcome!!

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