Live Server Disconnected Mid-Flight

I’m having the exact same problem as stated in this post from December, which as far as I can see, has never been solved.

Just as in this post, everything else is green except for live server, I can’t contact ATC, and I’m not shown on LiveFlight. The problem started about halfway through my current flight from KSEA-KIAH (on the expert server). I’m still flying now offline though. I’m using an iPad Mini 2 with the current iOS and Infinite Flight, which typically runs the app great. If anyone has any tips they’d be appreciated!

Try restarting your router maybe?

Still no luck unfortunatly. The strange thing is, my iPad says it is connected to WiFi, but the live server is still disconnected.

Try turning on Flight Mode for 30-60sec.

Nope, this doesn’t help either.

Is it always red for you?

Yes from time to time live server will disconnect and reconnect.

Are you using a VPN?
Some have had success resetting their network connection on their device. (Not your router)
Can you connect to a different WIFI (school, work, friends house, etc) and see if it works. This can narrow it down to the network vs your device.

This is the first time this has happened, but it has been constant since it started, not reconnecting at all. I have no idea what a VPN is, so I can’t really answer that question. As of now, this is the only Wifi I have access to, unfortunately. To test that the Wifi, I tried using another app, which works.

So you can launch IF and fly online right?
When you first spawn, is it green or red?

I quit the flight and respawned, and now it is green.