Live Server Disconnect

Device: Samsung Galaxy A51
Operating system: Android 13

I have been experiencing this issue since yesterday. I did a flight yesterday and mid flight I was disconnected from the server. I cross checked in the replay file my internet connection was fine and there was no message which indicated that I had a connection issue. Also, I didnt leave the app. The app was active throught the flight. Same thing happened with my todays flight to San Francisco. Can anyone help me out with this issue? I have attached a replay file of my today’s flight below (in the comments).
Thank You

My replay file:

I already read that, but still I dont find it a complete answer to my question. Thats why I created this topic. As I said earlier, neither I left the app nor I was facing any Internet connection issues. But, the message (in the link you shared) only gives response to these two situations. What about my situation?

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