Live Server Disconnect Issue

Hey Everyone,

So from everything I’ve read and understood, the infinite flight app cannot be tabbed out on your phone for too long or the it won’t connect to the live server when you come back. Considering the high amount of flights I do on IF, I wanted to understand just how long can you be tabbed out for before it will refuse to connect to live server?

I was all setup and airborne to complete my flight legs for the day when I got a 30 seconds phone call and my live server connection would not reconnect when I came back to IF. I usually like to fly all day during my work hours as I can work and do long hour flights side by side but its hard not to pick up the occasional phone calls coming to my phone.

There is not an official time limit documented as it can be different depending on the device and network.

Others have been able to take a call and it will reconnect after a period of time. Are you on wifi or cellular at the time? Sometimes you may be able to turn on/off wifi or airplane mode and it can cause it to connect again, something to try. But as far as a solid number I don’t think one exists.

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It’s very hit and miss. Sometimes you can lose connection if the battery warning message comes up for a bit and it will never reconnect. Some times you can leave the app and it will reconnect, other times it will not. Ultimately it’s recommended you stay on the app so I believe it’s for a reason but yes it’s not predictable at all and the enable airplane mode thing hasn’t ever worked for me, I usually have to end the flight and restart. It’s quite common, happens like 3 times a week for me maybe mainly from it going to the pause screen for too long when I got the battery level messages.

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Thanks for the replies. I guess I’ll have to work it out on my own then. It just hurts when you’re halfway through an 8 hour long haul.


Yeah it does. I reckon I have had it happen at least 20 times since global has come out. Enjoy Flying!