Live server crash

I have done a few live flights with another guy and it seems around 10 or so hours the live server fails. Does anyone else experience this ? I changed my internet and its not working. Is this a glitch and does anyone know how to fix it? Also weather and the global server are down

Well first off what is your device, secondly I would change this to #support and thirdly I would check the pinned topic in #support before posting next time, I link it for your ease.

Go down to

“What do I do if I receive app crash’s or lag”

If your global server is down I would check if you have a strong WiFi connection.

Might want to correct the error in your title ;)

To your question:

See @Sashaz55’s answer above.

The weather server is provided by an external company, and thus not managed by Infinite Flight. This does happen sometimes, and is normal.

Be sure to thoroughly search the forum before you post, to avoid clogging the forum.

That page did not address the issue

I assume you are referring to the live server icon turning colors? This can happen for a number of reasons. It could be device related, network related, or server related.

Weather will happen from time to time and will usually resolve itself next time it updates.