Live Server Connection Issue

As the title says…I’m not sure when it started as I was still sleeping. I’m flying LFPG-WSSS and was about 3h 50mins in when I woke up and saw that I wasn’t connected to the live server. Normally, it would reset itself and I’ll be connected to the server, however, it seems that the game is struggling to connect to the server, even after I’ve swapped to another wifi. Is there a way to fix this (on my side) without reseting the wifi router?
I use an iPhone XR.

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Hey! Try turning airplane mode on for 20 seconds. I have a fine connection.

It didn’t work though

I think you may just have to reset your router. I’d check the connection on another device as well to see if it’s one device or your entire connection.

My macbook has no problems with the wifi

Did you try using that green checkmark at the top right hand side?

but sometimes, I just restart my phone and it works

in the game?

Yes. At least for me, there is a green check mark in the top RH side. Press that then you will see a drop down table. Press on ‘live server’ and if your connection is good, then you should reconnect.

Oh!! So I do not need to let it self-connect? I can click on it and make it reconnect?

it says, “Disconnected: Network Error”

My wifi is working, I tried using my data, my room wifi and now I’m in the living room, using the main house wifi

I can’t make any promises. You just have to be patient. If that doesn’t work, then maybe try messing around with the wifi until it works. I had the same problem a while ago, and doing that fixed it.

hmmm… I’ll try. After I land in Singapore, I’ll probably restart my phone

Hmmm. You tried using that hack, right?

No, not yet. I don’t dare to, I’ll just wait it out and then restart my phone

Was this the hack where you get live for free?

Oh! Silly me, I almost forgot. Try messing with the wifi, THEN use the button. I think that was the order I used.

I don’t know what that is, No. If for some reason live disconnects, that is what I do.

Thank you!