Live server connection failed

I can not get connected to the live server.
I tried everything you said in past post.

I’m on t-mobile mobile data 5g
Samsung s20 ultra 5g
Version 21.08

Thank you for your help.

Hiya Lucas! Welcome to the community!
Maybe try freeing up storage on your device or clearing the scenery cache. Let me know if it works.

I believe by not being able to connect to the live servers, you are experiencing the “Error Code 7” issue. If that’s the case, Sebastian has made a post that should be able to rectify any issues that you are experiencing.

If this is still an issue after attempting all the steps in the post above, you may want to contact a member of staff who should be able to assist you with whatever issue you may be experiencing.

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I did this and still have the problem

Thank you. I only have a mobile phone data.

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