Live Server Connection Failed

Hi, I’m a seaman, I’m working on a ship and I’m connected to the Internet via satellite. Recently, my company has changed its Internet provider, the new provider is Global Satcom. We are now limited to 350MB and 8 hours per day. Some applications have stopped working, such as the original email application on the iPad. The biggest problem is that IF Live Server doesn’t work. With Global Server, Wether, sceanery and airports it’s all right. For quite some time, I fly completely alone on Expert Server, without Unicom and ATC and I can not control the airports, which is not good for my IFATC career. Does anyone have a clue how to solve the problem?
Device: iPad Pro, iPhone X
iOs version: 11.2.6
Wi-fi connection: good
Internet connection: good
Restarted and reinstalled, doesn’t help
Tested two days ago in Korea on LTE, all ok.

Damir Baricevic

Are you using a VPN by chance? If other internet apps stopped working then chances are something in your network configuration is blocking it.

No, I don’t use VPN. I tried to connect trought VPN to solve the problem, but my provider probably bloks the VPN.