Live Server Connection Error (Mid-flight)

Hi everyone 👋,

So I am having a little bit of an issue. I was doing a overnight flight from ORD-LHR and I realized when I woke up half way through the flight, that a software update had been automatically installed on my device. The notification was still there saying it had been successfully installed. When I closed out of it I noticed that the live server shows up as red and it has been for about an hour and a half.

I have tried…

  • Turning on airplane mode for a few seconds

  • Switching to a different WiFi source

But nothing has helped. Is there another way to fix this problem (without ending my flight)? Also will I not receive XP etc. because the live server is not connected?

Thanks for your help!

Not sure what is going on… Just wanted to start a flight but can’t even load the game cuz it keeps saying connection error… Help???

When I click on it, it says “Disconnected network error”

I have personally experienced this before, and found no solution, to be frank.

Try these steps and see if any help.

Trying what I can mid flight…

Nothing I have tried has worked. I am only a couple minutes out form landing so does anyone know…

You will have to abandon your flight and restart the app.

Will I show up to other people or am I just a ghost plane right now?

That happened to me, it may be applicable to you.

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This is a known issue while I have seen others facing the very same problem. Unfortunately when your device is disconnected from the love servers, (Red icon) there is nothing much you can do.

Alright guys I guess I will just wing it. Thanks for your time!

Same problem as you and tried everything nothing worked

I guess if its connection error then hard luck with that just close the game because if you landed it will not count a landing🤦🏻‍♂️

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This has worked before on some I’ve helped so give it shot and see what happens.

  • Turn off your router and restart it after 10-20 seconds and see if you get back your connection after that?

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