Live server connect and disconnect

So when I am flying, and I can’t finish a flight, I turn off my device and go about my day. A few hours later I come back and turn on my iPad to see my flight is exactly where I left it. Nothing changed except for the live server, I am still connected but it updated to real time,

Is something wrong or am I just lucky??! This happened 3 times BTW

Your issue is that you turn off the device. Infinite Flight doesn’t run when the device is off.

Now if the issue was that the little circle becomes red when the device isn’t off and you are in flight, I recommend you restart your device often after your flights. That has fixed a lot of problems for me :)


Don’t turn off your device, simple solution.

Infinite Flight doesn’t work when your device isn’t on.


I think what he means is how is he connected to the server even though he turned off his device. Because if IF sees that you are disconnected for a certain period of time, you’ll get kicked from the server and you can’t get back in unless you end your flight.

Is this your question?

@Z-Tube @Ecoops123 you are misunderstanding his issue. What he is saying is that he can still connect after turning off his device for a while.

@CPT_Colorado can you confirm, that the LIVE server connects back to (goes from red to green) when you come back to your device after abandoning it for a while? The other services (API, Global etc) might still connect, but without the Live server connecting you are not visible to others and are effectively flying on Solo. Your XP and hours will not count if you continue flying after this occurance.

He is still connected. Re-read this part.

Yeah I know, that’s why I said

This has happended to me before, and only when my internet connection cut out. Perhaps there was a network error?

yes, it is actually never red always green

Do not turn off your device

If you’ve read the first, second and third reply that answers this, then you’ll realise that your repeating the same thing. Also below is the confusion of why the OP is still connected when off for such a long time.

Thats not the isue, what i am saying @FLIGHT2

is it normal for my flight to be resuming after i turn off my device for over an hour

It is normal for your flight to resume after you turn your device off, however it’s strange that you weren’t kicked off the server and can continue using all functions.

It looks like it is the benefits that the apple products have that the Android product does not have.

My thoughts are you fully disconnect after your device has failed to attempt to retrieve contact to the servers after a certain period of time. With your device not turned on it means it is not attempting to establish a connection, thus not giving a ‘timeout’ phase, as there has been no attempt in the first place. You enter back into your device and it reconnected within the first couple contacts.

This happens on my ANDROID device when making a flight plan, I can leave the app for however long (I don’t get any app crashes) and can reconnect instantly when opening back up the session.

And I would add that you are not the only one to have had this problem, according to some of my acquaintances who use the apple product have had this advantage.

Well this was supposed to be a topic about something earlier and now it is true for all of the servers and for me

This is a known technical issue at the moment and the developers are working as fast as possible to resolve it.

More information can be found here. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

If issue persists after the servers are fixed (consistently over a few flights) let us know.

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