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Good afternoon, I have not flown for a bit started up again today. I got restricted back to a level one for the live server, it appears I don’t have enough reports or violations in the last week. Is this correct? I thought those were bad behaviors that we should not be pursuing. Also, can I get a violation on the solo server or do both violations and reports only occur in the live format?

Could you provide a picture of your grade table?

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That’s definitely not the reason as you should avoid both violations and ghosts.

That’s absolutely correct.

Not sure of violations unfortunately.

You can get a system ghost on training server, however it won’t count towards your ATC reports.

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You can also get reported on the training server. You’d have to be pretty insane to do so, but it’s happened before.

@RobertZiminsky, Doing what @DiamondGaming4 suggested would be the best course of action. We’ll be able to clear up your confusion quickly afterwards. :)

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Thank you for the additional information and clarification @TimShan05 and @TaipeiGuru!

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Only mods can report on TS

Nope, you can still get a system report if you rack up 5 violations. It won’t count towards your actual reports section on the grade table though, it only lasts to the end of the flight, but you still have to end up waiting before going on expert server due to the 7 day violation count.

Thank you everyone, I appreciate the quick reply. I am still confused however because I thought the same that all reports and violations were bad. However when I looked at the requirements for grade 2 in my personal flight information it’s saying that I am missing the requisite reports or violations to use Grade 2. Picture attached, hopefully I’m not missing something important in the information. To simplify, how do I correct the situation so that I can continue to use Grade 2?

The amount of reports and violations displayed is the number you aren’t allowed to go over for grade 2

We would need the lower part of the picture to fully assess what’s needed, everything I can see on the picture so far looks good for Grade 2!

Yes, reports and violations are bad.

@JulianB lol rip system flag

For what reason if I might ask?

You forgot the second S on assess I think

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Yeah, genuine mistake from me as a non-native speaker, but all good now. Thanks for making me aware!

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Alright, back on topic. So, @RobertZiminsky, it seems as if the only other thing you could be missing is your 90 day landing count. Can you send a picture of your full grade chart please?

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