Live Screenshot Competition Round 2 (Poll)

As said before from round 1 Live Screenshot Competition Fall 2015 (Applications closed),

The top 5 with the most votes are here for the second round! Poll Only. Blind voting, only the pic will be exposed but not the author.

Congrats again to: @Steven_Daniel @Boeing707 @Sumith_M @JDE1303 @GolferRyan

Pic 1:
Pic 2:
Pic 3:
Pic 4:

Pic 5:

  • Pic 1
  • Pic 2
  • Pic 3
  • Pic 4
  • Pic 5

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3 has a name tag. 😕

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Didn’t see clearly in the first place, sorry…

Where is mine :’((

@dush19 you only got a honourable mention in the first thread :-(

Dude you over edited yours

Don’t worry there will be a winter screenshot contest and I’ll improve what I did bad on this time

It was just an iOS filter -_-

Bringing this up

23 hours left!

I really think pic 2 could be a new FDS loading screen. It’s that gorgeous! :)


Drum roll for 10 hours countdown

Gonna end this one day early since I’ll be busy tmr

15 minssssss!

Let’s announce our winners!

In 3rd place is pic one! Made by @GolferRyan

In Second place is pic 5! Made by @Boeing707

And last but not least is the second pic which got in the 1st place! Congrats @Steven_Daniel

That brings us to the end of the competition. Feel free to send thoughts and comments about this down below. Looking forward to see you in the New Year screenshot competition!


@HV9690 you did a great job! Thank you very much for making this. Hopefully you can take part for the next screenshoot competition. I know you are a good photographer/screenshoot taker :)
Thank you!

Congrats man!

Thanks! I love your pict btw, it looks real

Steven that’s a sweet pic bro! This is a super unique shot!

Boeing yours isn’t bad at all!

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